Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Do I know you? Let me count the ways.

Finger prints, voice recognition, retinal scan, blood type, DNA markers, dental imagery, purchases, product serial numbers, account numbers, passwords, URLs, IP addresses and now your personal bar code define and identify you as the one and only you.

We don't have to ask if big brother is watching, but rather learn how and discover what advantages to us will access of our personal information by others provide and how to protect it from unauthorized access. As much as we love our traditions, our lifestyles are forever altered by emerging new technologies. We find ourselves using mobile smart phones for so much more than conversations. Besides the games, navigation, txting and music downloads, we retrieve comparative information, read reviews, make price comparisons, re-think our purchasing decisions and engage in wireless transactions while leaving GPS trackable footprints everywhere we go. We locate missing persons, find our friends and pay our bills with our phones. And in an emergency, when a prescription or an allergy can make a diagnostic difference in a medical treatment, our 3G cell phone can retrieve our Personal Health Records providing professionals with essential life and death information.

How will they be assured that we say we who we say we are? The QR Barcode... our own 2D personal product identification code will take care of that.

It is smarter to have a Code Amber Alertag and not need it, than to need it and have one.

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