Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dial for H-E-L-P

The Congressional E-911 Caucus has introduced legislation to upgrade the country's 911 technology, by passing "The Next Generation 911 Preservation Act of 2010." Passage will provide grant funding for the nation's 6,000 911 facilities.

State taxes on phone bills currently fund the 911 call centers which receive more than 650,000 emergency calls daily. The Next Generation 911Preservation Act provides a five year federal grant program to support state 911 services and upgrade the technology.

One persistent problem with mobile phones making assistance calls, was electronically identifying the location of the caller as there is with landlines. GPS LBS is doing much to alleviate that concern. Researchers predict the U.S. GPS LBS market will grow at an annual rate of 43.1 percent through 2010.

Unfortunately, the number of potential Alzheimer's victims that will wander off and become lost will increase exponentially as the boomer generation grows older and will place significant demands on the system. A situation demanding a Code Amber Alertag.

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