Monday, August 22, 2011

Furthering the Partnership between Aetrex Worldwide and GTX Corp, Code Amber Alertag now joins in.

GTX Corp. and Aetrex, a global leader in comfort and wellness footwear products, have partnered to bring millions of people afflicted with dementia the multi patent and award winning GPS Shoe. With every pair of GPS shoes sold, customers will also be offered a Code Amber Alertag to further protect themselves in the case of the unthinkable.

Currently 50,000 pairs of Aetrex wellness shoes are shipped each month and beginning this month a Code Amber Alertag brochure will be placed with every pair of shoes shipped.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

GTX Corp Launches an IR-Newsroom Investor Portal at

Los Angeles, CA, August 18, 2011 - GTX Corp (OTCQB: GTXO), a leader in customizable, patented two-way GPS Tracking Personal Location Services (PLS) solutions, announced today the launch of their new interactive platform for Investor Relations and Shareholder Communications.

The GTX IR-Newsroom will provide shareholders, investors and other members of the media and financial community with a user-friendly access point to stay up to date on the Company’s latest developments.

“In today’s 24/7 news cycle people want quick, currant and accurate information, preferably all in one spot. This new site provides exactly that and we are thrilled to be one of the first small cap public companies to consolidate information for the investment and media community all under one roof.” Stated Patrick Bertagna Chairman and CEO of GTX Corp (OTCQB: GTXO)

Its purpose is to promote transparency within the regulatory framework by providing investors with a timely, definitive source of information and updates as well as an opportunity to hear first-hand from key members of management through multi-media formats such as video interviews, interactive presentations, podcasts, live-blogs, shareholder webinars, virtual conferences and more.

Investors will enjoy vast amounts of actionable information and have greater access to management. The new platform will provide a channel that will focus on conveying the company’s story and investment vision without requiring visitors to wade through complex or irrelevant information.

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GTX Corp® utilizes the latest in miniaturized, low power consumption technology and offers a robust 2 way GPS and cellular location platform that enables subscribers to track in real time the whereabouts of people, pets, or high valued assets through a complete end to end - customizable GPS/GPRS transceiver module, wireless connectivity gateway, Smartphone Apps, middleware, and viewing portal. For further information please visit: | |

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Code Amber Alertag—How Lifespire is Working to Revolutionize Emergency Care

August 3, 2011, New York, N.Y.—Lifespire, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping developmentally disabled individuals reach their life’s aspirations, is working to release a new version of the Code Amber Alertag which will help accelerate the treatment and care of those in need, and potentially save hundreds of lives.

Similar to a card you would receive from a local supermarket, the tag features a QR code, however instead of granting the individual access to savings, the QR code grants access to vital medical history. When the QR code is scanned by a Smartphone or any electronic device with a scanning capability, the link will open to the individual’s very general medical history—including name, address, and emergency point of contact. The first responder will be able to connect with the emergency contact, and be given the PIN. If the PIN is provided, the physician or first responder will have access to a wealth of information such as a detailed medical history, current and past medications, family contact information, their healthcare proxy, and their service provider.

“It’s a powerful and potentially life-saving tool for an individual to carry,” said Mark van Voorst, Chief Executive Officer of Lifespire. “If a person is unable to speak, is unconscious, or is simply confused and lost, the first responder will have almost instant access to critical information which could make a difference in saving someone’s life.”

As the healthcare and pharmaceutical worlds shift to electronic health records and better IT systems, this new tag will replace hours of phone calls, the sending of documents and anxiety in the wait for information access. In addition, large providers will have the ability to add their logo and their contact information as the emergency contact for many of the individuals they care for.

Potentially one of the first organizations on the east coast to release this new technology, Lifespire is looking to release the new Code Amber Alertag in the fall of 2011. For more information about the Tag or Lifespire and those they serve, please log onto