Thursday, March 31, 2011

Code Amber Alertag - Bringing Medical Alerts into the 21st Century

Code Amber Alertag is a service which provides access to your secure digital information to you, your loved ones or first responders in emergency situations. Each personal Code Amber Alertag is a secure account. Code Amber Alertag account can store photos, documents, emergency medical information, contacts (family members, doctors, etc.). In case of an accident or emergency, your personal information can be retrieved by reading the QR (Quick Response) Code on the tag from most smart phones or the human readable number can be typed into any web enabled wireless device for quick and easy, yet secure, access to your vital personal information.

In the event of insulin shock (Hypoglycemia), time is of the essence in receiving proper treatment as you know. If the affected individual is carrying Alertag, complete information for their treatment, and any potentially complicating factors, is available within seconds by accessing the person's profile on our secure web site from any web enabled device. This can be a life saving situation.

It is smarter to have a Code Amber Alertag and not need it, than to need it and not have one.

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