Thursday, September 20, 2012

GTX Corp and LifeSpire are Helping Save Lives and Money by Modernizing the Emergency Health Care System

Los Angeles, California September 20, 2012-GTX Corp (OTCBB: GTXO) Code Amber AlertagTM, a GTX Corp business unit, along with LifeSpire, Inc., continue adding new patients to the Alertag PHR Platform. GTX Corp recently shipped 1,000 additional Alertags to LifeSpire and renewed 500 residents into their secure medical identification platform.

GTX Corp partnered with LifeSpire, a nonprofit dedicated to helping the developmentally disabled. This fortuitous collaboration resulted in the launch of a LifeSpire-branded Alertag that expedites the treatment of persons in need, potentially saving their lives. LifeSpire operates residential facilities for the elderly and disabled in the State of New York with over 5,000 residents and 400 staff. LifeSpire trusts Alertag to store and retrieve critical medical information.

“It’s a powerful tool for an individual to carry,” said Mark van Voorst, Chief Executive Officer of LifeSpire. “If you are unable to speak, are unconscious or simply confused and lost, the first responder will have near real-time access to vital health and medical information that could mean the difference between life and death.”

In furtherance of its mission, GTX Corp has also developed a seamless interface between RX providers and patients that automatically updates the Alertag database whenever a resident's medication changes or a new prescription is filled. This functionality follows major trends in healthcare data management. As Dr. Michael Swiernik, UCLA Director of Medical Information has recently stated, "A big part of where the government is going is to try to make the data flow more freely amongst providers and hospitals so that your data goes with you instead of staying with the hospital or doctor.”

GTX Corp is positioning itself at the forefront of this emerging Personal Health Record (“PHR”) market, which is being bolstered by the Government’s mandate to modernize data management and shift the ownership of health records back to the individual. In fact, the Federal Government has recently budgeted $19.2B of stimulus money to help defray the cost of this modernization.

GTX Corp has already identified over 60 facilities that operate in a manner similar to LifeSpire that could benefit from implementing this patent-pending solution. At an annual subscription cost of less than twenty dollars per individual, the value proposition of this service is readily evident to these types of institutions and creates a stream of recurring revenues for the Company.

Similar to a loyalty card you might receive from a local supermarket, the Alertag features a QR code that grants immediate access to vital medical history. When the QR code is scanned by a Smartphone or any electronic device with scanning capability, a link will open showing the Alertag holder’s general medical history—including name, address, and emergency points of contact. Larger providers will also have the ability to add their logos and their contact information as the emergency contact for many of the individuals they care for.

In addition to medical facilities utilizing the Alertag system institutionally, individuals suffering from ADD/ADHD, Alzheimer's, diabetes, anemia, asthma, Autism, dementia,  allergies, epileptic seizures, mental impairment, and many other conditions, will benefit from having an Alertag, hence the broader appeal and marketability of the Alertag system to the general consumer.

About GTX Corp (GTXO) - The leader in enterprise 2 way GPS real-time personal location services (PLS) was founded in 2002 and is based in Los Angeles, California with distributors in Mexico, Australia and Nepal and customers in 159 countries. GTX Corp utilizes the latest in miniaturized, low power consumption technology and offers a robust enterprise GPS and cellular location platform to track in real time the whereabouts of people, pets, vehicles and high valued assets. Answering the “where is” question through a licensing business model and providing a complete end to end solution of hardware, middleware, apps, connectivity and professional services. Letting you know where someone or something is at the touch of a button, GTX Corp also owns and operates LOCiMOBILE, Inc which develops applications for smart phones and tablets and Code Amber Alertag. The Company has an aggressive intellectual property strategy and owns an extensive portfolio of patents, patents pending, registered trade marks, copy rights and URL's.

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About LifeSpire - Founded 60 years ago and serving over 5,000 people, LifeSpire is committed to the principle that all individuals with a developmental disability may become contributing members of their family and community. It is LifeSpire's aim to provide these individuals with the assistance and support necessary to attain the skills needed to maintain themselves in their community in the most integrated and independent manner possible.

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