Tuesday, October 18, 2011

An aging population with a rising incidence of chronic conditions poses a major threat to healthcare systems throughout developed countries.

Chronic illnesses are among the most costly conditions to manage draining a disproportionate amount of the systems resources. It is estimated that chronic conditions consume two-thirds of US health care expenditures and impact the lives of 90 million Americans. Contributing to the impending collapse of the current health care system is the growing and geographically dispersed population of aging boomers.
To maintain the health of the health care system practioners are migrating from an acute treatment protocol to a prevention practice. The FCC has pledged to provide $400M for building a tele-health and tele-medicine infrastructure to establish communication platforms.

Of significant importance to this shift will be the collection (Bio-monitoring) and access to personal vital signs via remote sensors (Body Sensor Network) and GPS transceivers. Continuously monitoring and maintaining a secure medical data history of weight, blood glucose levels, blood pressure, fitness activity and respiratory function are merely the initial applications of GPSPLS Health 2.0 solutions.
Miniaturized GPS transceivers will dispense medications and signal circumstances to care givers of impending health events and dispatch emergency services that will have access to real-time and historic informatics with precise location information. Well informed timely responses will reduce the impact on the system and the patient. Revenues from the transition will come from equipment sales and subscription services offset by insurers, government agencies and patient fees.

Two products from GTX Corp provide solutions to these issues, the GPS Shoe and the Code Amber Alertag.


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