Tuesday, February 22, 2011

730,000 kids die every year due to accidents

kids ages 5 to 14 get hurt more often than bikers of any other age! Among American children and adolescents, sports and recreational activities comprise about 21 percent of all traumatic brain injuries. Head injury is the leading cause of wheeled sports related deaths. In fact, among children ages 0 to 14, traumatic brain injuries result in 400,000 emergency room visits every year, according to healthline.com. Thankfully, more kids are wearing helmets and carrying Code Amber Alertags.

A study by HHS' Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality says sports-related injuries are a major factor of kids visits to the emergency room. In 2006, 22 percent of hospital emergency department visits were for kids ages 5 to 17 due to sports-related injuries. Boys had three times more visits than girls. Teens also outnumbered younger children - teens were five times more likely to be treated in emergency departments.

When a kid arrive at the hospital having suffered a head trauma, they may be incoherent or worse unconscious. Who will answer the hospital staffs 20 questions...Allergies, preexisting conditions, blood type, medications and so on.

That is why the prepared parent has each of their children... and themselves carry the Code Amber Alertag. The unthinkable may happen and if it did you would be assured of the proper treatment because the health professions providing services were well informed.

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