Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We cannot leave home without our smartphone.

According to a survey from Deloitte, Revolutions 2010, smartphone apps are indeed transforming consumer behavior. More consumers are turning to their smartphone for entertainment, news and information than previous traditional sources.

From the survey, 62 percent of respondents said the availability or presence of mobile apps causes them to carry their smartphones when they otherwise would not. That means as consumers, we cannot leave home without our smartphone.

Testament to the survey's view of changing consumer behavior patterns can be seen as Apple nears 10 billion app downloads. It only took Apple took nine months to reach 1 billion downloaded wireless applications, and less than two years later, the company is getting ready to issue a $10,000 iTunes gift card to the person who downloads app number 10 billion. At the current pace, this milestone will be reached Jan. 23. Research firm Asymco says that across all three of the iOS-supported devices, users have downloaded an average of 60 apps each.

GTX Corp (GTXO) has been aware of this trend for years developing a portfolio of GPS Tracking and GPS based LOCiMOBILE applications that eschew the public commercialism of Four Square and Gowalla for a robust, private set of functional apps that provide easy to access permission based location information.

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